Note: this list currently only includes acts and statutes for larger universities that are available online (all are public institutions). It is organized by province since the legislation is provincial (except for some very old royal charters) and in some instances there is legislation for all universities in a province.  (The Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada has a comprehensive list of Canadian universities.)

Post-Secondary Learning Act

British Columbia
University Act

University of Manitoba Act
University of Winnipeg Act

New Brunswick
University of New Brunswick Act (pdf)

Memorial University Act

Nova Scotia
Dalhousie Statutory Provisions (partial)
Saint Mary’s University Act, consolidated version (pdf)

Brock University Act
Carleton University Act
McMaster University Act (pdf)
Queen’s University Royal Charter (pdf)
Ryerson Act (pdf)
University of Guelph Act (pdf)
University of Ottawa Act
University of Toronto Act (pdf)
University of Waterloo Act
Western University Act (a model for university resources on the subject–even includes a report on the Act)
York University Act

Prince Edward Island
University Act (pdf)

McGill University Charter and Statutes
Universite du Quebec

University of Saskatchewan Act
University of Regina Act


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